Entitlement And The Media

Dear Readers, you're in for a special treat today. A balls-out rant about something that I am sick of.

You see, there is a TV in my office. And on that TV, we often play movies. It keeps the customers from remembering that they're waiting in line. And I've noticed this trend.

There are all these movies about dorky, awkward, unattractive men who get these smokin' hot babes because the guys are just so nice.

They aren't attractive. They aren't charming. They aren't charismatic, or driven, or accomplished. Sometimes, they aren't even intelligent.

But they're such good guys that they get this smokin hot babe. He's like a 4, and she's like a 9.

There are a couple of movies about dorky awkward girls getting smokin' hot guys, but the girls have to get ridiculous makeovers and shove their tits in the guy's face before he notices what a smart, driven, fun person she is.

Are you seeing the discrepancy?

Women need to earn men. Usually by being hot. Women are sex objects.

Men don't need to earn women. Men just get them. If they have one good trait, they deserve a sex object.

There is this ridiculous idea that the media perpetuates that men are -entitled- to women. You see it everywhere. Cartoons. Sitcoms. Movies.

You know where else we see it? "Nice Guys."

Oh yes, we all know them. The so-called "Nice Guys" who aren't particularly attractive, or driven, or smart. Some of them in their mid-twenties still live with their mothers. They aren't assertive, they never let the girl they like know that they like her. They never actually -do- anything to earn the women they desire. (Who is usually way out of their league, let's be honest.)

And then they gripe and complain about how those girls only date "assholes," and how "nice guys finish last," and about how these girls are "turning them into assholes."

Listen, buddy. If you want to get a girl, be the kind of guy she wants. Don't sit around crying to your blog or your other shower-phobic friends about how "nice guys finish last."

You are not -entitled- to any woman. ANY woman. You are not entitled to your gorgeous and amazing best friend. You are not entitled to a chick who looks like the celebrity of your choice. You are not entitled to a rich girl, or a fun girl, or a smart girl.

So stop your bitching, move out of your mom's basement, go to the goddamn gym, get a decent job, get some gel for your hair, read some books, and become the kind of guy a woman wants.

What was that? I should stop being so superficial?

Who's that girl you're pining over? Is she a quiet, overweight, mousey little thing who never speaks her mind or does anything to make her stand out?

What do you mean she's a 5'9 leggy artist/actress/singer/biologist/archaeologist/doctor with the most amazing curls, who stands up for what she believes in and actively strives for what she wants?

Yeah. We're the superficial ones. We should throw away all of our standards and date you because you're so fucking nice.

Get over yourselves, "Nice Guys." Be the kind of guy we want to date, or stop whining about how we don't want to date you.

No human being is ever entitled to another human being. Seriously.


  1. I sort of stumbled on your blog looking for blogs about parenting and cooking... I know that's not what this one's about, but your post drew me in. I used to be one of those "nice guys" who pined for somebody that just didn't want me... And I used to write women off as superficial. But you make a really good point: nobody's entitled to everything they want. But everyone's entitled to look for it. And everyone has it in themselves to transform themselves to become what other people are looking for.

  2. I have no idea how I missed a comment! thank you very much for stopping by and letting me know your thoughts! strangers agreeing with me on the interne t is actually rather validating, when the comments are intelligent.

    I'm glad you snapped out of it! I'm going to assume, since you were looking for parenting and cooking blogs, that you're living a pretty happy life now. enjoy that life! :D


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