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Entitlement And The Media

Dear Readers, you're in for a special treat today. A balls-out rant about something that I am sick of.

You see, there is a TV in my office. And on that TV, we often play movies. It keeps the customers from remembering that they're waiting in line. And I've noticed this trend.

There are all these movies about dorky, awkward, unattractive men who get these smokin' hot babes because the guys are just so nice.

They aren't attractive. They aren't charming. They aren't charismatic, or driven, or accomplished. Sometimes, they aren't even intelligent.

But they're such good guys that they get this smokin hot babe. He's like a 4, and she's like a 9.

There are a couple of movies about dorky awkward girls getting smokin' hot guys, but the girls have to get ridiculous makeovers and shove their tits in the guy's face before he notices what a smart, driven, fun person she is.

Are you seeing the discrepancy?

Women need to earn men. U…