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An Open Letter to Sir Patrick Stewart

Dear Sir Patrick,

I am one of the millions of people in this world who feel we know you intimately, yet who you have never met.

I grew up knowing who you are. You are not aware, but you helped to shape my life in incredible ways. You helped me know from a young age that there is nothing wrong with liking exactly what I like. You helped me grow up strong, and unashamed of the things I love. You helped me grow up a proud geek, who would never chill her passions because of the cruelty of children.

Since I was a young girl, I have known who you are. I have loved your characters on everything I've seen. You inspired me to read Shakespeare. You taught me of nobility, and courage, and loyalty. As characters.

It was with these values that I grew up. And as I have gotten older, I have learned many things about you.

My purpose, however, is not that. I just want you to know the role you have played in my life.

The true purpose of this letter, Sir Patrick, is to thank you. Not…