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Not gone, yet.

I know I disappeared. I felt the need to lay low for a while so that some things could blow over. I couldn't abandon this project--That would be too much like giving up, you know. Sinking myself back into old habits for the comfort of it, going back to quietly living my life, burying my pain and sorrow in blissful normality, troubled only occasionally by my sordid past.
But, my darlings, the easy way out is usually not the best one. So I have returned to you. I've lost some friends, I've gained some friends, some friendships have strengthened, others have faded. It doesn't matter, anymore. If this is truly my path in life, then I must walk it with my head high and my shoulders back and see it through till the very end--Wherever that may be.
Now I do need to get my bearings back, somewhat. So instead of something deep and profound, I will explain the title of this blog that I've left in the dust for two months.
Blue Jean Dreams. It seems a strange title for a…