The Chicago SlutWalk

Rather than copy the entirety of the post over here, I'd like to share a passage or two and leave you with a link.

We teach our girls how not to get raped.  That's where our focus is.  Universities hand out guides to college life telling female students not accept strange beverages from strangers, to travel in packs, to avoid binge drinking, to dress conservatively.  We teach them that the weight of not getting raped is on them.
We don't put that sort of energy into teaching anybody not to rape people.

I can also promise you this, both of the men who assaulted me genuinely don't believe they did anything wrong.  The fact that they wanted to have sex with me was just more important to them than any opinion I might have had in the matter.

Becoming SuperMommy: "It Wasn't My Fault"

A scene from the Chicago SlutWalk


  1. Wow what an amazing event!!! Never knew it even existed. You know I once had a discussion about rape and there was two sides to the argument. One was that it has NOTHING to do with sex, it is simply a power control move. The other side said it's the socially disenfranchised(unable to gain access to woman) type of men who commit this crime. Another interesting fact is how men are able to keep their "arousal" and copulate with unwilling women says that men have evolved psychological mechanisms to enable them to "keep going". This ability is something they have adapted to over time. Animals also rape each other, well certain species.


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