For L, and for myself, and for everyone.

I stand naked before you all,
arms spread wide,
feet planted firmly,
head up.
Everything about me
from my eyes
to my pose
to my voice
are screaming.

Judge me! Judge me! Judge me!

I'm still ashamed,
and I'm still afraid
I'm terrified of what you think.
But I can't live this way.
Not anymore.

So judge me! Judge me! Judge me!

I won't be ruled
by my fears
or my shame
I won't let my nightmares get the best of me.
I won't let the fear win,
I won't let the shame rule.
I will stand proudly
With my strong warrior body bared
With my scarred survivor's spirit aglow
With my indefatigable fighter's courage strong

And I will DEMAND that you judge me.
And then it will be on MY terms
MY choice
MY decision.
And you can hurt me
But you can never defeat me.

So go ahead and judge me.
Then I will win.


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